Saturday, October 30, 2010


June was a fun time! We had a lot happen ...

I GRADUATED with my Master's. Wahoo!! That was a challenge, but totally worth it.

I got a new job that allows me to work from home AND pays me what a graduate of a Master's program should make!! Can't hate that. Now I work at Western Governor's University. I highly recommend checking out WGU for any parent who wants to work from home and has a college degree with work be!!We also added a new addition to our family. We rescued another dog that was about to be put-down. He is the best dog I have had, yet! For those of you who know Ruby, our Viszla; you know that Ruby is an amazing dog. Blue (our new dog's name) is even BETTER. Blue is a pure bred Blue Nose Pit Bull. He is a little over a year and already very well trained. We just adore a lil' Blue.

Of course, for those who are worried, we did not just get him on a whim. We know the stigma of a Pit Bull. We did our homework. He is an incredibly good dog and we are very well aware what others think!

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