Saturday, October 30, 2010

August ... our lives are now changing

August was a very long, hard month.

Out of nowhere, Darin decided HE WAS DONE!!! He quit school. He couldn't do it anymore at the U of U. He was burnt out and was dreading going back to school or to class. That was a blow. He has been struggling for a very long time with school. We have been through many different options to make school work because he felt it was important for him to finish and that it was something that he was prompted to do. He tried full time school with no work, with part time work. He tried part time school with full time work, with part time work. He tried full time school and full time work. By the end of it, he was done. He wanted a break. He needed a better option. Luckily, I work for a University. We happen to offer the program he wanted that the U of U didn't offer and it has a better curriculum than what the U of U offered. He began the process to slowly begin at WGU for his IT - Security B.S.

Then, I felt an urgent prompting that we needed to move. MOVE? What!!? We were in the process of buying a house and settling down! For the first time in my LIFE I felt like I had a HOME. We had made a family and established our lives, had great friends, routines, all of it. WHY in the world would we need to MOVE? Plus, what does THAT mean? Move down the street? Across town? To the next city over? Out of state? Abroad (I would totally be ok with that one)?

I said to my husband, "Darin, I think we need to move." I wanted to leave it open to him reassuring me I was just kidding or that it wasn't really that we needed to move, but something needed to change. I hadn't had the "bug" to move in about 2 years so for a bug of this size to creep into our home and disrupt MY life. I was very unsure. As a response, my husband said, "WHEW! I was wondering how to break it to you!!" WHAT? Another bombshell. Apparently, he had gotten the same prompting about 2 months or so before me (such is the way our spiritual lives work).

Now what ...

We began praying and fasting and pondering and making decisions. First, it was, "Yup, you need to move." Then it was ok ... where? Our answer, MISSOURI! What!! We had so many other options on the table, why MO? Ok ... when? ASAP. Surely, we could move in November ... Nope ... NOW. Oh, Ok ...

So, our decisions were made. We were officially moving. We had 5 weeks to the date we chose and that felt "acceptable." We started hunting for homes and jobs in the St. Louis, MO area because there is no way I will move to Kansas City and there is no other real cities with a demand for IT. Springfield is a good size city, but no jobs. We began the process of renting a truck, saying our goodbyes, packing and making the necessary arrangements. By the end of August, we were set. We had our plans, we had our living arrangements - Darin's Uncle lives in MO and will shack us up for a month or two until we can get on our feet, find a place, rent/buy, find a job, etc.

Now, all we had to do was wait ... Wait until our moving day - September 18. It felt like it was forever away.

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