Sunday, October 24, 2010


I have been inspired to "catch up" on my entries. A beautiful family that we are friends with just "caught up" and it was so fun to see their adventures and read about their family growth!! Now, I want to have fun "catching up" my family and re-visit their adventures over the year. With the exception of anything substantial, I will not catch up 2009. There is just too much I have either forgotten or lost (in memory). So sad!

Let's start with a "where we are NOW." The details and (hopefully) pictures to come.
  • We moved to Missouri!!
  • We are living with an amazing Uncle and Aunt until Darin can find a job and/or until next month.
  • I got a new job and work from home (legitimately!!).
  • I graduated with my Master's degree!! Whew.
  • We are (loosely and horribly failing miserable at) potty training Aba.
  • Dylan is now in FIRST grade!!
  • We still homeschool.
  • Darin transferred colleges and is now at the college for which I work.
  • We had our family vacation with some best friends to the Grand Canyon! What a FUN experience.
AND ...

  • We are PREGNANT!!! (For real, this time).

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