Sunday, October 24, 2010

From the beginning ...

My last post ... February ... then, I dropped off. However, our family continued to balance Darin gone for work and commuting on the bus from 6am-8pm every M-F/S and me being home until 130pm-1130pm M-F when I was at work. I was still balancing homeschool in the morning and my own studies in the afternoon. We were winding up towards Spring and life was moving on.

In April my sister asked to move in around the same time my sister-in-law asked to move in. Both sisters have two kids and my mom would accompany my sister-in-law. Luckily, we had just finished our basement over the Winter and had the space to make it work. Albeit, we knew it would be hard and cramped, I believe you can do anything for a short period of time for the benefit of helping others. As it was, my sister-in-law only needed to know she had an option at that point. She was hoping to get a job and if it worked out, would move to our home for the duration of her new job training. My sister needed a place to get back on her feet after some rough times. Shortly after the phone call, my sister and her two kids moved in.

We made it work, cozily. My sister has one girl and one boy. The boys shared my son's new room and the girls shared my daughter's bedroom. My sister re-claimed the office next to our bedroom and we divided the two living rooms between us. My sister had her own living room upstairs, we had our own living room downstairs in the new basement which was huge and doubled as our playroom and office for homeschool. It worked and I think it worked well! A 2000 sqft house with 4 bedrooms can totally house 7 people.

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