Saturday, October 30, 2010


July was a GREAT month! I will have to post twice because of all the pics we took. I don't take a lot of pics, but in July I didn't forget!

We had an amazing month! The best Independence Day I can remember. We had a lot of FUN family time and we enjoyed the perfectly, warm weather. This is the month we found out - WE'RE PREGNANT!!

First, we bought a Slip-n-Slide. Dad and Mom took turns showing the kids just how it's done! We had a blast. Dylan can go FAST. Dad turned on his back he went so fast and scraped up his back. OUCH.

Then, we had Fourth of July fun at Liberty Park. We chose the top Southeast hillside to watch the fireworks. It ended up being a PERFECT place to land. We got there early enough to get a great place to stretch out, set up camp and play at the park. When the fireworks started, the babies weren't having as much fun as the rest of us.

Next, we went to the Hill Airforce Base Museum and explored all the amazing planes and contraptions that the Airforce plays with to make our world a safer place. Of course, there were amazing exhibits, AND a child play area, complete with a dress-up stage so you can FLY the simulation machines. AWESOME!!!

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