Friday, April 3, 2009

Ah, the Simple but CRAZY life

Spending a week at Grandma and Grandpa's, Great Grandma and Great Grandpa's really did us in. We have spent the last two weeks getting our baby girl back on a schedule. It hasn't helped AT ALL that the day we flew back in Grandma (a different one than above) flew in and we hosted her for a week. This means, lots of driving to do various errands for Grandma on top of back-to-life-from-vacation errands for our family and me keeping the appointments I already made (one for each day) with professionals in the field I am trying to get into, not to mention the horrible weather we came back to - drizzly and rainy/snowy all week and sooo cold. The week after (this week - thank heaven it's over) we have had nothing but more errands by way of doctor appointments to do. Lucky to report - everyone is in good health, growing and strong.

Apparently, babies are now able to eat peanut butter, eggs, honey and fish a lot earlier than I remeber - 9 mos to a year! Now our girl has a lot of catching up to do. My son, funny enough, is in the fifth percentile for height and weight - yup, all, he is still short and skinny! I promise he eats - like a horse, too!!! He's on a jelly belly kick, we limit his in take, otherwise he'd eat the whole five pounds in the same day. My husband's knee still hurts - yay for knee braces and my thyroid is all jacked up - I'm so pissed I have to take meds now! Lame!! Other than that, all doc appts are done and no more for another year! Made the week crazy, but so worth it.

On top of doc appts, library visits, swimming pool play and playdates this week, I squeezed in an interview for a big girl job. Today I was offered the position. We are so happy and excited. It will be such a great addition to our family. Especially with my degrees - I can actually earn the money I can (to start) to pay off those pesky student loans. A big girl job, to boot! So excited. It is perfect, too because of pay and hours. Can't wait to start. I have come to the realization, some moms are meant to be moms. I've always known that and have respected those mothers who devote their lives to mommihood. I; however, am not one of them. I love working for Uncle Sam, I love socializing with other adults, I love to play with my kids, have routines and watch my kids grow, but I also love to feel like I'm helping others and working for something - part of a different bigger picture.

With that said, the end of this post will include the last of the pics from our trip:

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