Monday, March 23, 2009

Another vaca come and gone

We finally made it home. The last post was Wednesday - horses, caverns, all that jazz. Thursday we were going to go back to D.C., but poor hubby got ill. We stayed in and had a nice, relaxing day. Friday we had a brilliant day in my old hometown catching up with friends. It was great to finally show Darin where I came from, my stories now have pictures and my friends' names now have faces! It was finally the moment I got to take him through my memory lane and he says he really enjoyed it! He's so supportive! Haha. Saturday we went to Thomas Jefferson's house (pics to follow). My mother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew came up and stayed with us at the condo - since we have so much room, why not share! :D It was so nice to see my sister-in-law again. We talk online all the time, but only see each other ever few years! They had a good time around the condo since Thomas Jefferson's house wasn't as child friendly in the early Spring as we had hoped. We still got to spend the morning and evening with them so it was worth it for us. I just hope it was worth it for them! Sunday came. We began our travels. All I will say is I'm so grateful for small blessings! We were bumped flights for an earlier one - YAY and given first class - OMI - and delayed for two hours in Atlanta, GA and stood up for a ride home!! ARGH. All in all, it ended like all good things must and I got to see my babies again. I so missed them. My son enjoyed the book, hat and new clothes we got for him and my daughter doesn't know the difference to enjoy her new clothes and book. Now the vacation is over. I'm so glad to be home. Next vacation - oh, please not yet!!

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Sharane said...

Looks like you had a great trip! Those Big Jacuzzi tubs are the Best!
I love the pic of Darin sitting on Einstein's lap, that statue is Huge!
Thanks for the update and pics. I would love to see more pics of your trip. Getting ready for a trip is crazy and the getting back to life after is just as crazy. Hope things are settling down. :)