Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thank Heaven for small favors

Of all the random things that can happen, they will and to my husband. During his racquetball class, he, like all other students put their belongings outside the ball court; however, of all the students, just my lucky husband was the one to have his rolled up clothing STOLEN. Who in all that is glorious, would steal used, stinky-man clothing? I don't care that it was actually stolen, in the sense that we don't have it anymore, just the annoying fact that it was stolen. The most annoying part was the underwear, why? Omi, why? The only comfort, if you could call it that, to gain any amount of sense of a senseless and random act was that among his clothing was his wallet. The theifers must have thought - hmm, clothes ... sports ... wallet in clothes ... money. Lucky for us, since my husband loses his wallet and keys every couple months, he no longer carries cash, cards or other important, financial-related documents. In addition to that, I have to assume that was our saving grace!

The day of, my husband called all those that could or might have something to do with the process: police, custodial, deans, locksmiths, etc. That evening when he got off work, we scowered the building and the surrounding buildings, the trash, the lockers, the halls, the stairwells - no such luck; nothing was found or recovered. Two days later - a pleasant surprise. The belongings were recovered by custodial who found them under a stairwell, tucked away with everything in its place. Now, we don't have to worry about running all over town to replace driver's licenses, ID cards, bus passes, etc.

Through all of that, the worst-case scenarios going through my thoughts, I wonder, do I just not have any faith or hope? Or is it normal? Something I must work on I suppose!

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