Friday, April 10, 2009

World Phenomenons

Of all the world phenomenons out there, high school is the most interesting. It has been almost ten years since I graduated from high school and only few memories intice a feeling of longing to go back. Those few; however, don't compare to the massive millions of other memories that make me feel naseous at the thought of being forced to go through the awkwardness, pressure and boredom of high school. Why then do so many people hang on to those few, and seemingly insignificant, in the grand scheme of life, moments that happened in high school. Is it the played up idea of "firsts," because I could so live without those. Is it the played up idea of "freedom," because I can tell you, there was none. Is it the played up idea of no responsibilities, because I can certainly tell you there were too many. Of course, these are just my experiences. Most of the time I think back on high school and just get embarrassed. With so much drama at home and chaos in my schedule and finding the pressure of success intolerable and the "need" for that perfect grade insignificant, (not to mention the tests, the papers, the quizzes, the participation, blah, blah, blah), I would just rather go back and erase those three years or go back and re-do them to my satisfaction - without the embarrassing moments, the boyfriends, the vulnerabilities, the this, the that and the other.

For others that were graced with the freedom, the no responsibilities and the favorable firsts, I can see a desire to hang on to the past. However, even for those so fortunate, there is so much more that are better firsts and so many other responsibilities or lack there of to relish in. There are so many other facades of freedom that rank higher than high school "freedom." So what is it really that keeps us going back to high school and wishing or wanting or pondering? It can't be the cafeteria food! ICK. It can't be the smell of the finally-opened-from-a-long-night-of-being-locked-up, dusty gym. Nasty!

Why am I bringing this up? Because I logged onto my Facebook account, one which I hardly remember is there, and find someone I don't know asking to be my virtual "friend." I don't remember this person and I wonder if she really remembers me. I don't mind meeting again the people I once knew way back when. Instead, it was more of a question of why do people search after those acquaintances that for a lot of people they really aren't "friends" or were not "friends" back when and have no intention of being "friends" once you click "add." One theory I hear of is the idea of popularity - "See, I have you as a friend so you must think I'm cool." Or is that validation? Another theory I hear of is, "we're all friends, that was all in the past," must be the, "they knew I was joking" theory. For those friends I have added, I actually have a history with. They were friends. They were people I conversed with on a daily basis, looked up to, hung out with, shared neat experiences with or shared horrible experiences with which we don't bring up. :) For people who have added me, they add me and then never again is there a line of communication, regardless of any feeble attempts. (See above for theories as to why).

Anyway, I digress. So for this person who wanted to add me. I hadn't heard of her before. She was a year younger than me. Married. No maiden name listed, so I didn't know who she was from Adam. So, I took a stroll through my yearbook. Curiousity really got the best of me. Man, was that a long stroll. As I was flipping through the pages, memories came back and the aforementioned longing and feelings of going back to relive those memories started creeping in. I don't mind, but still, wonder why. Why not wish for elementary again? Middle school anyone? Well, I find it interesting. Other world phenomena seem to have scientific explanations. What about this one?

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Liana said...

I actually would do high school over again much sooner than I would do elementary school or Jr. High. By high school I had finally started to get the hang of it. For me elementary school was the time I felt the most pressure (the teachers were bigger and scarier then and I was easily distracted by things other than school work) and social aspects were harder (why didn't my classmates want to be my friends?). By high school I had finally acquired the discipline to stay on task so the stress diminished, and I had finally found a few people in the world who didn't mind that I was a goof ball. As far as friends on facebook goes, for me it's totally a matter of networking. Someday I imagine I may want a job or help with something else and you never know who will be able to help out.