Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pride and Loyalty

Loyalty and patriotism is interesting. From infancy we are taught to take pride in ourselves, our work and in what we do. From self worth and self respect to love and adoration for our country we are taught that it is right, neigh, your duty to be loyal to your country. Employers seek the same loyalty in their employees. Brands seek the same loyalty in their consumers. Institutions seek the same loyalty in their students and affiliates. Why? I understand the drive for profit, money, you know, is the root of all - good choices! Yeah, that's it.

I have to admit, I am a sucker for loyalty and for pride in ... any and all things I can feel loyal about. Take for example, this new job. The first day is all about HR ick and all about the history of the company and ada, ada, ada, ada. Well, I hate that stuff. I hate the in-your-face marketing, the selling of your employees and all that. However, I just CAN'T stop myself. It is so easy to listen to the propaganda and think - Yeah! I'm excited about that, too! I am so proud of the heritage, too. The history is so amazing, this company has come so far ... on and on. I can't help it. What is it that creates such a ... can we call it a connection? or a sense of loyalty? Is it the need for human beings to belong to something? If it's that, wow! I could go on and on about that need in me. Whew! Don't get me started!

Either way, I'm excited for this new job. I'm excited to be part of this company and I'm excited to offer anyone else the opportunity to come work for such a great place. Where they "really care about their employees" - we've heard that one before? Well, here, they really do. I'm impressed. So - if anyone out there wants a job, a career change, something to do - let me know. ;)

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