Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Some info on the boy of the house:

My son is amazing. He's always been my inspiration to be a better person. Something about him makes me feel like I need to be worthy to be his mom. He was entrusted to me for his care and safe return.

*Is a great big brother

*Loves to make baby sister laugh

*Doesn't like to share mom

*Loves to wrestle and jump - on anything

*Loves to laugh

*Is such a good listener when asked to do something

*Loves to learn

*Hates "no" yet we don't say it often

*Loves to have friends over

*Enjoys his own time/NEEDS his own space

*Can be cuddly, especially during prayers

*KNOWS he's cute

*Making silly jokes

*Has a super-hero complex

*Can't wait for the Batcave to be done.

*Loves to read and enjoys homeschool

*Enjoys swimming

*Learning to ride a bike confidently

1 comment:

Sharane Pitts said...

ThaNks FoR PoStinG a PhOtO and InFo about Your BoY and GiRl! So CuTe! We DoN't GeT to See YoU All VeRy OfTen. :( They are GrOwiNg Up So FaSt! WhaT FuN! :)