Thursday, March 12, 2009

So, it has been a while. My well of creative things to talk about, thoughts to jot down or happenings to go over is about empty. Maybe because I fell into a hole the last couple weeks and decided to stay there until my body decided it was done being lethargic.

Now that the weather is good again, I think a lot about starting my running up again - I'm such a wimp, if it is cold outside, I don't go running. In the fall it is different, I stop when the snow is consistent on the ground; however, the spring is harder to get started because the cold is so much colder than my warm comfy bed. We have a treadmil, but yea-right. I hate that thing. It's worse than running in a circle. No change, no sense of going anywhere, just watching the numbers go up on the digital reader - that is painful to do!!! Power90 for me was excellent, but since we've moved, we still don't have the network up or a place to do it - our living room area is smaller, go figure.

Our happy anniversary was on the 10th. That was most excellent. Two years down and 56 more to go ... or so. We are celebrating by taking our much needed excursion away from the kids and life for a week on our annual trip. We are headed to the East coast - can't wait! When we got married we decided to take a trip each anniversary, instead of exchange gifts or do the dinner and movie date thing. It is great to plan and look forward to. However, our "deal" is slightly being amended. Every year, instead of JUST us, once in a while, we are taking the kids. I'm ok with that, in fact, we celebrated our happy anniversary as a family, too. It is where it all began, ya know. So we all went swimming and reflected on the most incredible day that changed everything! It was really cool. Next year, Gamers Convention of the Year!! YAY??? My husband's idea!!

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