Monday, February 23, 2009

A bit about the lil' one

So, my daughter ... I am memorializing her leaps and bounds. A proud mother must sometime, somewhere and since this is my journal - I suck actually writing - Who heard of manuscript anyway, lame. I'm memorializing her here for everyone!

**She has six crooked teeth - thanks dad, thanks mom.

**She's walking!!! Before she could stand.

**She LOVES to climb into - well, anything, laundry baskets, puzzle boxes, any nook and cranny that she can

**She LOVES daddy - OMIG, I can't hold a candle to that man.

**She is the happiest, giggliest little thing I've ever known.

**She loves to laugh. Everything is a game to her.

**She knows sign language - picked it up FAST - more, food, all gone, hi (of course)

**She bonks your head thinking you are giving her kisses and she is giving them back.

**Her first word was HI - Daddy and strangers get that one a lot. When she wakes up and you come to get her out of bed, she says it with a BIG crooked grin.

**She has learned screaming doesn't get her attention - THANK HEAVEN.

**She tries to put on socks and shoes like big brother.

**She talks, all day, on the phone, already!!!! Luckily it has a pull string, not a communication wire into the wall.

**She is always hungry.

**She gets offended easily, a bump here, a funny look there - it's all a personal attack.

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Melissa said...

oh my CUTENESS! It is about time you posted a picture. She looks like a very happy baby. I am thinkinga play date soon. Some of my weekends have things in them but i miss you guys. Text me. Tell me when you are free. Let get together!