Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Says my daughter everytime she looks at my son! Today, trying to teach her to sit still for a couple moments, we popped in Baby Einstein. The music is so relaxing and the colors and movements are so fun for the kids. As I drifted off to a cat-nap with the rythm in my head of the video about shapes, I see my son start dancing as awkwardly as five year old do, and my daughter stare and smile this adoring smile at him! When he sits, she wants to dance herself. So, she does. She wiggles her little shoulders, bounces up and down, moves her arms side to side! When he laughs, she looks at him and figures it's funny, too. She laughs right along. I can't bust out my camera at this point because I'll get caught, she'll stop and start laughing her maniacal little laugh as she says, "Muh-ha-ha-ha, you thought you could capture me on camera, ha-ha-ha, eventually, you'll learn, I know what you are up to, you'll NEVER get me on that film!!" I've gotten very good at processing a memory moment for my own bank of film in my head. I just hope dementia won't take over before I can tell her all about it.

As I was watching her try to do what brother does, I was overcome with the feeling of, I love this!! Watching and being able to be part of my children grow up - together, is such a blessing. He often hates her trying to be like him. She loves to play XBox with him, on his controller. She loves to read the books he's reading. She loves to play the toys he's playing with. She loves to eat the food he's eating, ride the bike he's riding, walk where he's walking ... on and on. He gets annoyed and calls in for the giant reinforcements to come save him from her imposing sister. I don't mind. I wait until he calls. That way they both get the experience RIGHT before the violence and resentment of sibling-hood take over. When they are older, I'm confident they will be great friends! He already protects her when he can!!


Sharane said...

Soo cute! I love how younger siblings want to do EVERYTHING their older siblings do even though they aren't physically developed enough to do it. It was great to see you all on Saturday! Thanks for letting us be a part of the celebration! we loved the ice skating too!

Sharane said...

Hey! I tagged you o my blog! Please do it if you want!
Love ya!

-Sharane :)