Thursday, January 29, 2009

Five years later and we're all alive!

It is the big FIVE for my son! He celebrated his birthday on the date with mom, dad, baby sister and grandma. For his birthday he got a guitar that he's been wanting for months. After all, we are going to be a rock star family! Mom is the singer, Dad is the drummer, brother is the guitar player and sister is the horn player! Where it came from? I can only assume Guitar Hero at his one-dad's. For him, we made his dream come true - of sorts. For his birthday, he got to play his guitar, mom sang (poorly), dad played the piano (no drums available), sister just stared, grandma played a tamborine-thing. It was the funest moment!!

Now his birthday party with all his friends and family will be tomorrow where we will ice skate and have cupcakes! We are so excited.

I am so excited to have my lil' boy be five. The last five years have been more eventful than a lot of other people, but less eventful than some. For that, I am so grateful for where we are today. I am so grateful that we get to be at-home together, playing Battleship, Chess, whatever boardgame of the day, reading books, playing ball, making cookies, all sorts of stuff. He is the funest kid I know. I enjoy (almost ever) moment. His smile is so full of love, his hugs are so big, his eyes are so full of hope and excitement.

I can't wait to see the end of our childrearing years. The joys, tears, pitfalls, decisions. Mommihood is so cool.

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