Friday, March 25, 2011


Whew ...

Reflection of the last six months.
  1. We moved across the nation to family.
  2. We moved across a valley into our own place.
  3. Darin quit school.
  4. Darin started a new school.
  5. Darin quit his job.
  6. Darin got a new, temporary job.
  7. We bought a truck.
  8. We wrecked a truck.
  9. Dylan started a new school.
  10. Mom had a baby.
  11. Abigail potty trained.
Whew! (Again!) Please tell me this is normal life. I really hope the next six months are just ...
  1. Dylan went to school.
  2. Darin went to work/school.
  3. Mom went to work.
  4. Abigail was a kid.
  5. Liam grew.
How nice would that be.

1 comment:

Helen Smith said...

No such thing as "normal" but just life & all its quirks that keep us on our toes.
Love to hear what a wonderful wife & mother you've become!
Helen Smith