Monday, March 21, 2011


YAY!! A new month! It's here!!! It passed with no real event, thank heaven and a little too quickly.

Abigail celebrated her third birthday! She got a grocery cart with lots of food and a Chef's costume. Her and Dylan love to play house and dress up. They often come downstairs in various costumes playing some rendition of house or superheros. It is a ton of fun to watch.

Valentine's Day was uneventful. Normally we do something with or for the kids. This year was a little more crazy. We decorated a box for Dylan's first Valentine's Day at school where he could pass out and receive Valentine's cards and treats. He had a blast. The other kids in his class had super amazing boxes that you could tell Mom and Dad spent hours working on to create life size Sponge Bobs and other random kid things. I'm not that kind of Mom and proud not to be. Instead, Dylan got to express his artistic ability and drew pictures, added stickers, etc. He had fun making it. I was there for the general supervision of glue and scissors.

We had a Valentine's Day breakfast with homemade V-Day cards for everyone from everyone and the biggest heart-shaped chocolate chip cookie I could make!

Darin passed his first exams at school! He received his first professional certification, too. These certificates are huge for his profession, not just degree. The certs are often separate from a degree program at any other University but at WGU they are the degree which saves students in the IT degree program both time and money and make them even more qualified and competitive upon graduation!! There are nine certs total that he will have when he is done. He has his next two cert exams scheduled for next month. He also passed his first core course, too. He's doing SO much better at this school than any other school I know of that he has tried. The online, independent learning style was made for him!

We had a million tons of snow fall (exaggeration, naturally). There was about 2 weeks worth of snow days that were issued so Dylan didn't have to go to school. Sometimes work got canceled, as well. I work from home so I didn't get to enjoy in those spontaneous days off, but I enjoyed having my whole family with me again and for the help that I could get from Darin while I worked. The kids even got to play in the snow a couple times. They had a ton of fun. The snow was as high as they are tall in many places because of how much snow fell. Apparently, this winter was the hardest winter for this area in the last ten years! Luckily, we lived through it and we didn't have to go out much at all. We had been preparing for a month or two re-stocking our refrigerator and freezer and our food storage so we were doing ok. Now we know what we can expect, though, come next winter!

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Sharane said...

WOW! You are on a roll! Keep it up! I really loved reading it all. You have all been through so much! I am so glad that everything has turned out okay for you all. I can't wait to read what is up next & see the photos you said are coming. :)