Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ridiculously Late

I'm not just saying the space between blog entries is ridiculously late, but the fact that I'm still awake a couple hours past the time I wanted to go to sleep is ridiculously late. I did it to myself, though. I love the shift I work. I can have a productive, fun, good morning with my kids, we eat lunch. What would have been our rest time and then a nice quiet afternoon until Dad comes home the kids now get to go to a neighbor's house with kids their age and play or have rest time there and play again until Dad comes and gets them. After my shift, I come home, tuck the kids in bed, hang out with my husband and enjoy an evening of wind down time, which normally consists of watching movies or TV shows - our latest crave is Chuck on NBC. After a whole week of not going to bed at my "should be" bed time, 10pm, I now can't sleep. Argh. Aside from that, though. I am finding it is harder to keep up with my school work, let alone blogging. So now, I am ridiculously late on my first assignments due this week (well, Wednesday). Argh, again. How to find the balance. Time management, money management, why don't they teach these things in school? Well, maybe they did, but out of the thirteen (yes, 13) schools I went to before graduating high school, I was never taught these skills - let alone cooking or the famous baby handling, or is it egg handling? Anyway, all in due time, right?

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