Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Dog is the only one not adjusting

Another week has gone by and we are figuring out this whole balance thing. Homeschool is on a different track right now. With Dylan being three years ahead of his class as it is, I'm not so worried about it. I'm slowly getting caught up with my school work and the kids, it's like nothing ever changed. I love that about kids - simple, easy, adjustable.

Dylan is great. He is LOVING the babysitters. Everyday he asks "Are we going to Tyler's house?" "Are we going to my best friend's house?" I think we made the right decision there. Abigail is great, too. She loves going over there as well. It is a great place - quiet, just for kids, lots of fun, happy. Not like my house lately - mess!! to-do lists everywhere! Stressed out Mom and busy Dad who is picking up the slack until things can settle down - whenever that may be. ARGH. The Dog; however, is not adjusting. For being alone during the day she is GREAT. But man, she won't listen to save her life (literally). She is losing her trained dog-style and is just getting to be work. So sad. I was afraid of that, though.

Memorial Day is this weekend. YAY. Three day weekend off work. Sadly, Darin has to work Saturday so my blissful alone weekend we planned so I can get caught up with everything isn't going to happen. I'll get Monday, though. If that is enough. We'll see.

One thing I have had solidified, I am a worker-bee. I love to work. I love to get out of the house. I love being a Mom, but if I can do both - perfection! The juggling act is the hard part. That will take some time, though. I know that and am okay with it.

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