Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Journey from Darkness to Light

Depression affects everyone. Whether you admit it or not. You could be the one with depression, or the one that helps a loved one get through it. You could have parents, children or friends that suffer from depression. It is a black hole of emotional spiraling. The hardest emotion to overcome and to avoid. It can creep up on you, attack at any moment, be brought on by the smallest thing or just happen over night. It is one of life's greatest challenges. Many people who work or are at-home mothers, men and children get depression. There is no cure-all, but ... there is a resource.

One of the most thoughtful books I have read on depression is called My Journey from Darkness to Light by Patricia Tew Potts. It is compiled with love and honesty. Together with the Holy Spirit, she has compiled some of the most important things that contribute to and help with overcoming depression. It is not a permanent fix. Life constantly is throwing at us those curve balls that make repetition necessary and the discovery of the known required for our constant learning. Patricia offers many ideas to aid in your recovery and in learning about yourself so you may recognize when and what triggers depression in your life. She emphasizes excercise (mentally and physcially) and positive thoughts.

I highly recommend this book to anyone that can read. Whether or not you, yourself suffers from depression or mental illness, it is a wonderful tool and help. It's companion, First Aid for Feelings compiled by Patricia Tew Potts is a must for those moments on-the-go that uplifting thoughts, scriptures and messages are needed. It is a perfect fit for your purse, travel bag or backpack. It is a great study tool with prayer for when you need a quiet pull-it-together moment. Each book is on sale at, or contact me for your copy. My Journey from Darkness to Light is only $16.03 with tax and First Aid for Feelings is only $10.69 with tax. Each are invaluable. Your $26.72 will be worth so much more after you are able to read the book and use the companion tool.

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