Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Potty training

Whew! It has been several months and my daughter is showing more and more signs of interest when it comes to the potty, bathroom and her comfort (if you know what I mean, eww).

Today, she said "Potty!" I put her on the potty and she went Number 1 ALL by herself and proceeded to take the whole roll of toilet paper and wipe herself and the potty seat! It was hilarious. However, after about an hour I decided when she took the (cleaned) potty and started wearing it on her head, we were done for today.
Now she is having the temper tantrum of her life and screaming POTTTTTTTYYYY. Uh oh. Now what? Any suggestions? I was so excited and now, just conflicted. LOL

Yay for new stages, though. :)

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