Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Creativity by Dynamic Duo

At the behest of my wise and wonderful mother-in-law, I am posting what I should have months ago so I don't forget and can share with my friends and family now and for years to come (hopefully).

The first:

Getting ready for trick-or-treat Halloween 2009 my niece and son started singing "Trick or treat, smell ..." you got it. I joined in and QUICKLY got scolded by my loving husband who wants to raise the kids right for some reason! So, we, as a family, came up with new lyrics. The whole drive home (about 20 minutes) from picking up costumes on the way to the trunk or treat activity at the ward house, we came up with the following (sing to the tune of the "naughty" song).

Trick or treat.
You're so neat.
Give me something sweet to eat.
If you don't that's ok,
To the next house, I will say ....
(and it repeats over and over and over again).

It was hilarious and so much fun to come up with this song with the kids. The kids helped, too so it wasn't just my righteous husband and I doing it for the kids. Since, the kids love the song and in fact, I caught my son singing it yesterday as he was looking for a book to read! Ah, those are the sweet memories we yearn for!

Now if only we can come up with something for "Jingle Bells, Batman ..." Yup, you got it. Something about everything smelling as a child, hmmm. Interesting.

The second:

This last weekend we went South to visit some family and to hang out with a close brother who has had a hard couple months. While we were there, my son was swinging and sliding for hours on the swing and slide my in-laws installed. I went out and joined him a couple times and one time while pushing my daughter high into the air on the swing and listening to her laugh hysterically the whole time, my son says, "Mom, want to hear the new song I just made up." Why, of course I do! I love when I get to see that right brain working!! So his new song went like this:

It's a wonderful day in the sunshine
It's a wonderful day to play with my friends
It's a wonderful day to play in the sunshine
It's a wonderful day to play in the sun and swing ...

Of course at this point I can't remember the tune nor document the tune, but the words are there.

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