Monday, November 23, 2009

Family vacation!!!

Since meeting my husband we have made it an annual tradition to visit San Diego, CA for our family vacation. This year we made the trip in October which ended up being perfect since we planned on visits to Disneyland and Seaworld. I hate amusement parks because of the crowds, long waits, rides that are so not worth it because they are old, rickety and scary and last a shorter time than the wait ever was. However, in October, the lines are only a blink and Disneyland was AWESOME. The rides were amazing! Detailed. Elaborate. The rides and the park as a whole made it seem the expense of the entrance ticket was well worth it. As much as I had a distaste for amusement parks, it was obviously because I had never been to Disneyland! LOL. We were invited to Disneyland by dear, close friends/neighbors that were only an hour away from where we were staying. We met with them at opening time and didn't leave until well after closing time.

At Seaworld, we got to spend the entire opening-closing day with my best friend! It was so great to see her after a year! We finally got to talk face-to-face and the kids got to see Aunt Kris!

BEACH DAY!!! What is the point of going to California if there aren't going to be a couple beach days??!! It was the BEST vacation ever. :)

Whew! Took a while, but it's posted.

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