Sunday, October 25, 2009

My husband's OLLLLLDDD!

SEPTEMBER 29th, 2009
Not really, but his surprise 30th (!!!!) turned out GREAT! I don't keep my surprises very well. I get so excited I HAVE to tell. Oh, I keep everyone else's secrets just fine, it's the I-know-what-you're-getting-from-me surprise that I suck at!

So, what I did this year is put together a 'double date' with my husband's brother and his wife. That way I had something to plan and to talk about. Of course, the surprise birthday party was supposed to come with a surprise BBQ for his gift, but I gave that away weeks early! Darn. Hey, 1 out of 2 isn't too bad, right? At least the main event wasn't spoiled!

The gift ....

My husband's dear parents (Hi Mom! Hi Dad!!) drove up to surprise him, too. They stayed at a nearby hotel and was here to surprise my husband as he came home from work Saturday afternoon. His brother came up, too. He stayed with us so we had to go in on another lie (white lie, for a good cause, of course) to explain his sudden appearance at our house. We had my husband SO FOOLED! It was priceless. Here's some pictures ....
Dad, feeding my beggar child. She was so funny. She ate everything on her plate, plus whatever anyone else would give her. In total, I think she ate THREE hot dogs and TWO hamburgers! I hope it's a growth spurt.

Can you see his fear!? We all hid in the garage so he'd HAVE to open the garage door and see us. Luckily I locked the front door because that's where he went first! He hates public speaking, but I didn't think a surprise party would be a big deal - oops. He almost passed out! :)

Most of his family and mine were able to come! Neighbors and friends came, too!

His cake - rubbing it in as much as I can. :)

So many kids were there, it was so much fun for all the cousins and friends!

Cousin's, friends, family! It was so much fun. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART!!

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