Monday, August 17, 2009

What time is it?

One of these mornings I'll wake up in a daze and ask "what time is it?" as I gaze at the half dead husband drooling on his pillow to my side with (thanks to Mom) a pillow over his head. Unfortunately, that won't be for - what, another 35 years until retirement, minus 3 kids (at minimum), plus 18 years until they head out of the nest ... well, you understand the math. HOWEVER, until that time, I'm enjoying the ride!

Now that I'm done catching up with everyone, I suppose I'll catch up, too. We've had a great summer. Stressful, unbalanced, lazy, fun. We haven't gotten to have a lot of weekends or nights or days together. I'm so much better of an at-home mom during the summer, places to go, weather to soak up. But, I went and got a job at the brink of summer. No problem, makes the heart go fonder.

In July we made two trips to St. George. One for the Fourth of July which we got to spend in St George and Las Vegas with my best friend. The other with just my sister enjoying a girl's weekend getaway hiking, resting, playing.

At the beginning of August the four of us were FINALLY in the same house for the same 2-day weekend! That almost NEVER happens. Either Dylan is at his one-dad's or Darin is working. Neither have the same schedule. So, for the first day in a long time we were together, we went swimming and enjoyed our time together. Of course all my pictures are still on my camera and thus, no fun pics of children smiling and parents happy. :D Those to come!

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