Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Breakfast books

Like a good do-be I went to get all my months of pictures off my camera to finally go through them, post them, whatever them and ... my camera dies. LAME. So, another post without pictures. I'm excited about this post, though.

A couple months ago I realized I don't read anymore to my son. :( Sad, I know. However, since my son started reading at three, I didn't know what to do. He read everything he could. Life went on and we slowly stopped reading everyday together. I realized this and my heart was sad. Our schedules are typically pretty busy, especially the more independent and self-sufficient my little boy gets, I tend to add more and more to our schedules. As I realized we didn't read much anymore, other than the school books for lessons and such and I missed that time with my boy. I thought, "When is a good time to squeeze in reading non-school books together?" The answer was AT BREAKFAST!! At breakfast we sit and eat together anyway, just talking about the nights we had. How easy would it be to just add a couple books to read together during that same time?

Now, almost every morning Dylan grabs a couple books he wants to read and we read them together (in between bites). Sometimes Dylan reads, sometimes Mom does. Either way, it has become a GREAT addition to our routine and it didn't change much of what we already do. Abigail gets to have books read to her and Dylan gets so excited for breakfast asking, "Can we have breakfast books today?" I love it, the simple pleasures.

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Swenson Family said...

That sounds like a lot of fun!