Saturday, June 20, 2009

Where to start?

It has been a long time since I've posted. Where do I start? So much has happened. We'll start with the kids. That's the fun part anyway.

Dylan is well. He's enjoying, neigh, LOVING his days with his best friend, Tyler. He's enjoying the last couple weeks off of school. He's finally done with soccer. He's so funny, he says he wants to play soccer, but he gets out there and dances or goofs off or tells the coach, "I'm so tired, I need a rest" from what? Lol. However, he has made some show of promise. He runs fast! When his head is in the game, he gets back to the goal to help keep the ball away. He seems to get the idea of the game. But his age? Attention span? Whatever, makes the game very unpredictable. Each season we ask him what he wants to play. He says he wants to play soccer - we'll see if he wants to next season.

Abigail is great. She is learning the art of dirty looks and temper-tantrums. With lots of love and redirection, though, I have hope. She is a great walker, totally clumsy. She often walks into things or falls down, inner ear problem, maybe? She says (and signs) lots of words: ball, bottle, bye, shoe, food, up, hi, I love you, more, milk, all done, dad, mom, brother, etc. Of course, these words are not completely articulate, but her garbles can be distinguished when she points and when she says it back to you. She also knows where her nose is, eyes are and ears are. She climbs stairs and slides down them! I just love this age. It is so fun. She runs away as fast as she can and it looks so funny and awkward, but way cute. She has learned to dribble a soccer ball from Dylan's soccer games.

Darin is having WAY too much fun this summer. He is so funny. He has no school, ended last semester wonderfully, passed all his classes and is just high on the excitement. He has been a bad influence on my homework productivity this summer. However, he's having fun with his games, his projects, his kids and keeping up with small house projects. He's a wonderful man and husband and even though I only get to see him about an hour or two a day, it has been great to see him with so much less stress.

As for me ... I'm working on a certain zen-factor.

All in all, that is what is going on with us. We are trying to enjoy the time we have and the summer sun (come out, come out where ever you are).

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