Friday, January 2, 2009

Holiday Greetings: A day late and a dollar short ...

Greetings to all who read or follow this blog ...

This is my new greeting card. I've always had such high ambitions of sending out cards each December, sending out yummy treats to friends and neighbors. Alas, I am not as great on the follow through. My first year, I went out and bought a couple boxes of 50 holiday cards so I could start the tradition, six years later, I still have close to a couple boxes of 50. Now comes the trend of internet living and blogs so I am taking myself to the latest technological heights of greetings through the internet. So, here we go ...
2008: what a year!!
January: My son turned 4! He is still an amazing reader and very energetic. I still don't know where he got that from.
February: My lil' girl was (finally) born. I was hoping she'd be early, but if she could've, she would've been late. I didn't allow that, hehehehe. We induced the day after she was due.
March: YAY!! We made it through our first year! Happy Anniversary! Who said it was the hardest??? They lie. It was the funnest. I think, so far, the hardest is the second year! :D For ourselves and because we vacation so much, we invest in a timeshare. SOOOO, excited. What a month, we bought a car, too. Our Kia was on its death bed begging to be replaced. Happy March! Ugh.
April: April showers bring May flowers - LOVE the Spring.
May: Off to St George. Happy Mom's Day. The year of no traveling is finally over. We can travel again. Silly honeymoon.
June: To St. George again. It's only the cost of two tanks of gas. How could we go wrong?!! I begin my second year as an R.A. for the U.S.A. My niece comes to stay with us for the summer during the days. I begin homeschooling my ever advancing four year old as the public school suggested public school would not be a great fit for him for preschool and private school is just
too darn expensive.
July: I begin my master's program. I'm so restless and finally I found what I want to do. (Maybe)
August: My best friend marries her honey-bunch on the beach in CA. We vacation for a week to make it worth it since it is so expensive anyway to do any of that kind of traveling. We visit Legoland, really the coolest amusement park I've been to. Visit the Wild Animal Park, the Midway, all sorts of places. Shacked up in a cozy two bedroom hotel with two kids. CRAZY. Love vacations.
September: Classes for students all over begin. Good luck to all. My husband goes part-time for work so he can concentrate more on his full-time course load. Vacation with the in-laws in northern UT. So beautiful. What a great experience.
October: What? We're moving? Getting a house? Whatever.
November: Yay, we move to a house. LOVE the idea. Hate the amount of never ending cleaning. Added a new member to our family, Ruby, a Vizsla.
December: Finally, my baby nephew is born. Classes end. Basement getting finished (verrrry slowly). Vacation to St. George. I finally (after two months) find a job!!! Glamorous ... but my husband is now settling into being an at-home dad for the evenings and is pretty darn good at it!!!
Highlights of 2008. Short and sweet. Now for the more info intro:
My husband is still vying for his bachelors degrees in computer engineering and electrical engineering. He is my hero, more and more every day. He is the hardest working man I know. He is the best.
My four year old is leaping through school. Loving homeschool. Found the joy of XBox. LOVES Candy Cane Hot Cocoa.
My lil' girl is crawling. Refusing to stand by herself or walk ... ode to the early walkers. She still crawls up a storm and I still vacuum all the time to make sure she doesn't eat anything unpleasant with her orally stimulated self.
I am still loving my master's program. Working now only part-time. Loving homeschool. Enjoying my children.
Happy 2009, friends and family. May the Lord continue to bless you all.


Melissa said...

you busy girl! I am glad things have turned out so great for yoU!. HOpe to see you soon.

Dan and Sharane said...

Happy 2009 to you! I loved your year in review! So many new and exciting changes for you and your fam! Cute pic of Darin and the kids (and dog). As for your previous post, building neighbor relationships is definitely more difficult when you move to a house. The chances are, your neighbors want a friend just as much as you do. It is a lot harder to connect when it is so cold outside. You could always just knock on their door and introduce yourself or plan a hot chocolate party for your col du sac. As previously mentioned, borrow something or ask them to get your mail while you are out of town. Small thimgs can help you build relationships! Good Luck!