Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Third Day

It is now the third day of this new blog territory I am unearthing and here I am ... unearthing it, once again. I never pictured myself as a blogger, but again, we'll see if it lasts. It might just be the novelty of it or the quiet demand of my house begging to hear ... something! That's right - the kids are gone - a once in a lifetime phenomena for my house, it seems. My most adorably pregnant sister has graciously accepted my invitation for my kids to don her home for a while as I step out into the job market and complete a first (in a decade, almost) job interview. One of, hopefully few, until I land that "perfect" job. My sister picked up my kids and whisked them away only moments ago. I still have a good 45 minutes until I leave for the interview. As I walked into the house, I relished the perfect quietness and stillness that I so desperately need for my sanity to remain intact. I move to the couch and about a billion things FLY through my mind of what I "could" be doing. Between a nap, homework, packing, laundry, cleaning and working, I chose BLOGGING. Hahaha.

My husband, jokingly now calls me the "typical housewife." With blog site in tow, am I? I must be.

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Brad and Theresa said...

Congrats, on the interview. Best of luck. Savor the peaceful, QUIET moments of your home while it lasts.
Love ya, Theresa