Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Perfect Life

So, here I am, with my perfect dog, in my perfect house, surrounded by my perfect children and talking with my perfect husband, when all of a sudden, I realize, we haven't been translated, yet. DARN IT!! Another day, maybe.

It's been another week. We finally have our house (mostly) put together. At what point am I going to have it all put together? I wonder. It is so much put together that others would wonder what the heck am I talking about? It's the little things. The random, "where does this go?" that bothers me. The fact that my new garage (ohhhh, we are so spoiled) is full of other people stuff. When will I be able to put my car in there? My storage things? I am at a loss for where to hang my pretty things. And, finally, I know there is more to clean and be done before I can settle. Mainly, the scrubbing of the kitchen and bathroom floors, scrubbing the bathroom all together and behind the stove and fridge in the kitchen, scrubbing inside the bathroom counters and the exterior cupboards in the bathroom and kitchen. Think I'm being anal? Well, I would think so to, but I live here. The smell of cat liter penetrates the room when the bathroom counters are opened. There is so much grim and grit at the base of the appliances in the kitchen, I am scared to move them to clean underneath. All in all, though, we have made some excellent progress!!! I'm so happy and excited to have a HOME.

Odd as it is, I didn't feel like it would feel any different than living in an apartment. It does. Granted the perimeter is surrounded by dogs, and now we have been infiltrated by acquiring our own dog, it is so cool to have a home! In one week, we were able to change the scenery from this:

To this:

And with this:

Her name is Ruby, a fourth and permanent addition to our little family. She is a Vizsla. She is every bit a Coon dog but without the bite of a hunter.


Patricia Potts said...

I LOVE the before and after pictures! I think I'll do that with my next organizing project! You have done an amazing job!

By the way, is the photography yours? It is awesome!

Your blogs are fun to read because they are so "you". They are open, honest and real. Thanks. That's what we need.

Swenson Family said...

Cool- it looks fantastic. I love the dining room walls. That is great that you were able to put so much together so quickly. Good work!

Brad and Theresa said...

All I can say is...Invest in a maid. I'm just kidding. I know how you feel about the cleaning, that is how my current place was and still somewhat is. Cleaning takes alot out of you and then to put items away, you just want to give up, but you know it will be better in the long run once it's done. Good luck and just remember, you don't have anyone live above, below or right beside you connected to the same building and you have a YARD.... Love ya, Theresa