Friday, March 15, 2013

Is this thing on??

Hi! It has been 2 yrs, almost exactly. I know this since my lil'est bee just had his 2nd bday and his birth-day was the last post. Ha! I cheat at record keeping. Nonetheless, I felt I needed to pass the time since husband came to bed at 4am and immediately woke me up with his incessant snoring. How does THAT get fixed? So, I'm awake and thought - huh, it's been a long time since I read blogs ... I'm connected with some of the authors of blogs I follow on Facebook, but FB only gives you a quick snapshot. What else is going on in life. Wow, the strength of so many people, lessons learned, sacrifices big and small, loss, pain, love.

Sometimes I think I'll just delete the blog. I don't keep it up anyway. Other times I think I'll just make it private and then I remember, no one reads it anyway, why go to the trouble to figure out how to make it private. Then I click on my saved links of blogs from old friends and many have been deleted or privated privatized private ... made private; you get the idea. Makes me sad to have lost that connection forever ... so, does anyone read this? Is it worth keeping up, active, posting an update ever so seldom?


Mohler Blessings said...

I love reading blogs especially my friends! I have a Blog too. Its like my online journal. :)

PITT STOP said...

I love reading entries of all kinds. I have hard time updating things as well. I love your entries. I love you.. :D

Sharane Pitts said...

I read it! :) You could publish your blog into a book. That is what I want to do. I definitely don't think that you should delete it. I went private with mine, so that I cpuld be more open about what I talk about. Plus, I received an email from a stranger about adding my blog to some readers group or someth!ing...? It caught me off guard. I sent you an invite to my blog a while ago. Hopefully you received it. I never heard from you about it.