Friday, December 19, 2008


So, the previous post threw me off. I'll admit. When things like that happen, I get depressed, angry, you name it. So, after a while of brewing in my own self-pity - I'm good at that, ask my husband!! - I decided it was time to get back to the grind. Mind you, I haven't been wallowing, by any means, but just not driven to post ... what would I write? what tone would I use? all them questions ... this post is just about moving on, really. Not about moving on from the previous post happenings, but just in life.

Since the last post, we've had Thanksgiving, finals in school, and Christmas is approaching. We've decorated, helped neighbors shovel their walk, all that fun jazz. Now we are trying to live up the next four weeks of no school, just work before Spring semester begins. We want to do so many fun things, Zoo lights, Temple lights, sledding, ... Unfortunately, the economic crisis has led so many people out of work and now they are all clamoring for the available jobs at companies that are in a hiring freeze. It is good for companies, they can be more selective about who they hire, people with more experience, better connections, etc. but for our family, that means out of 60 resumes and applications, I got only three call-backs (two crappy sales jobs and a night job). It is perfect really. I can still be at-home with my children. I can still homeschool. I make more than I planned on. It is only four hours a night. It is close to my house. AND it is working for my church. Can't hate that employer! The work is no fun, worse than grunt work, but busy-work and I like busy work. It gives me an "in" for other jobs available within the corporations of the church, which I hope will serve my purposes in the future. But ... it does keep me away from home in the evenings which I have so dearly loved and have come to rely on between family time and husband time. Now, family time is every other Saturday (since husband works every other Saturday) and Sunday. My husband and I have already learned to work around the schedule and are able to spend no more than one hour a night with each other before we sleep. Anything more than that and he doesn't sleep enough and has a 12 hour day ahead of him in the worst possible state a man can be in after no sleep. We make it work. It is a blessing and an answer to our prayers. For that, we are grateful. Plus, for Christmas, we got a brand new leather-bound Hymn book with sweet messages from the First Presidency. (for more information, visit

Next ... Christmas. Out of town with the in-laws and ... the ex- (muh-ha-ha-ha). Stay tuned. :D

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