Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Falling behind ... again ...

October was a GREAT month. Darin started school again at WGU earning his IT-Security B.S. and we got to begin the holiday season beginning with Halloween!!

We really love Halloween. It is the month you can dress up as anyone you want and have FUN. We don't have a lot of social parties we get to attend as adults anymore, being single was much easier for that, so now we maximize our kids' venues. It is fun for us and fun for the kids and they really LOVE playing dress up with Mom and Dad.

This year we were a family of Pirates. My son has humored me for the last 6 years of Halloweens and has allowed me to dress him up as part of our "theme" each year. Some years he demands a costume of his own and we compromise. I hope he still enjoys being a family of ... something ... for the next 6 years. Otherwise, this could get expensive.

My first couple Halloweens with kids I made the costumes. They were easy; Hercules one year (Mom and Dad were Zeus and Harah), Bam-Bam another year, simple! We try to keep cost down so we costume shop most of the month. We settled this year with matching Pirate costumes which is great!! Last year we were a family of Incredibles and had our annual family photos shot in our costumes (see the link, http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=417950&id=845670461 to view). Loved it! This year, we won't do that, but we did have fun being Pirates together.

The kids wore their costumes the entire month and well into November. That's when I know it is a good buy. My son's is already worn out! Thin material, ah well.

First, we went to the town square. Where we moved has a "downtown" that is just a square. It is way cute. The surrounding shops handed out candy. We rushed down when I got off work (right before it ended) and were lucky to get what we got. We were the only parents that dressed up, too. So sad, but maybe those parents that dressed up had already left? Next, we had the Ward Halloween party that was complete with a fashion show/contest, yummy treats and a Trunk-or-Treat. Again, we were the only parents that dressed up. Last, we went to the library Trick-or-Treat. There wasn't much Trick-or-Treating, but we got to read books with the library dogs (pet adoption organization) that are popular visitors for the library and enjoy color pages and books. Can't hate that. And the kids still loved it.

By the end of the month, we had had our fill of Halloween and were VERY much looking forward to the next round of holiday cheer - THANKSGIVING, my favorite! YUM.

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